OzoneMaster Industrial 10000

OzoneMaster Industrial 10000mg/h

Designed for Industrial applications, OzoneMaster Industrial 10000 is ideal for use in Large Hotels, Waste Processing plant, etc. It is perfect for removing any unpleasant smells from waste processing, cooking smells from Very Large Kitchens, For sterilizing food processing areas, etc. Direct mains connection via Figure 8 socket, comes complete with lead and plug to fit your electric supply. Operates from 220 - 240 volts AC.

OzoneMaster Industrial 10000.
Output 10000Mg/h
Price £280.00

Ideal for Deodorizing and Sterilizing Flood and Smoke Damage


Size,280mm X 200mm X 95mm.
Input,220-240 VAC & 0.9A
Total Power,200 Watts.
Output,100 - 10000mg O3 per hour.
Controls,Power on/off,
Output variable 1-100%.
Indicator LED's,power on/off
Colour,Body Grey,
front and rear panel Black.


  • Cleans and deodourizes air particles quickly and effectively.
  • Kills bacteria including harmful mould spores!
  • Rapidly deodourizes rooms and buildings affected by flood damage.
  • Safe and clean to use. No chemicals to add just air filter to clean occasionally.
  • Virtually maintenance free. Just plug and go.
  • Made in the EU to European safety standards.
  • Easy to use, supplied with standard UK or EU power cable.
  • 220-240v auto switch mode power supply.
  • Great for indoor gardens/hydroponics use.
  • Masks smell of overpowering plants. - e.g. Tomatoes, Cannabis etc.
  • Freshens and purifies the air.
  • Variable power setting.
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