About OzoneMaster

OzoneMaster ozone generators are designed and produced in the UK.

Ozone Generator OzoneMaster Commercial 1000 mg/h

OzoneMaster has been producing Ozone generators for several years now, and have built up a very large network of suppliers around the world, so we are able to procure some of the finest Ceramic Emitters and High Voltage Power supplies for use in our Ozone Generators. The Emitters are manufactured to our specification by selected factories in China using the finest German ceramic sheet. The Power supplies have self resonant circuits to ensure maximum output through changing conditions, and are vacuum potted in high quality resin to ensure they are always at peek performance.

All our Ozone Generators have some degree of output control, from the simplest 'Standard' model with just high - low control up to the industrial models with full control from 5% to 100% output. The domestic model also have fan speed control, so that the fan noise can be reduced at low output levels.

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